About André Coulombe

André Coulombe is an information technology specialist, independent solution architect and manager with over 25 years of experience in software technology development, consulting and team management.

AndreCoulombeIn 1993, he founded Cosmo Logique Informatique to focus on developing IT solutions. Passionate and pragmatic, Mr. Coulombe is always looking to achieve the best business long term investment at the lowest cost. He knows how to motivate teams to deliver quality products on time and within allotted budgets. One of Mr. Coulombe greatest sources of satisfaction is knowing that his solutions improve the efficiency and day to day work of his customers.

What separates Mr. Coulombe apart is his ability to really listen to his customers and fully discover the challenges they are experiencing. In doing so, he presents realistic solutions which really have an impact for users. In addition, he understands that IT solutions need to be scalable. Business processes are always evolving and Andre takes this consideration when designing solutions.

With strong background of working on numerous technologies, Mr. Coulombe demonstrates exceptional abilities in mastering new technologies. He takes the time to fully understand the business process and current infrastructure so that proposed solutions are not only cost effective, but often still work within the existing infrastructure.

Mr. Coulombe is bilingual and holds a BA in Physics, specializing in astronomy from the Université of Montreal. Astronomy enthusiast, he has built a 0.5-meter telescope.

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