Steamlining R&D efforts after a business acquisition

Software development can be expensive. MEI, a leading provider of trade promotion management systems to consumer packaged goods manufacturers, is one of the few that is in the top list of Gartner’s leading providers in the industry. In mid 2000,  the cost of R&D expenses were reaching a level that was hurting the company. Having recently acquired a competitor, the organisation had double resources, double technologies, double processes and double the sets of products. The acquisition didn’t help R&D expenses.

Groupe Informatique MEI  (currently TradeInsight, an AFS Technologies company)

Hired Cosmo-Logique to streamline and review their R&D strategy and processes. Working in collaboration with their new CTO, we reviewed the MEI product portfolio and development projects. This included several customer required customisations and their overall development methodology. Once this analysis was completed we were in a good position provide R&D management suggestions. These suggestions allowed us to report on the following:

  • understand of the general R&D costs
  • identify architectural issues in one of their products
  • strategic assessment of the evolution of all products post business acquisition
  • definition of a scalable product architecture and development plan

What the client had to say…

MEI cosmo Project« I used André’s Coulombe services to audit our complex R&D software department. André was able to quickly and accurately find the strengths and weaknesses and he proposed the required solutions to correct the situation.»

Normand Drouin, Chief Operations Officer  (2004-2005)
Groupe Informatique MEI

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