Delivering a domain registration solution in record breaking time

CIRA acts as the Canadian authority for .CA domain names and manages over two Million domain names today. It was founded in 1998 with the objective to start a national domain name registry in two years. By 2000, no system had been developed. The board of directors knew they had to find the perfect team capable of delivering a reliable, secure and high quality system in the fastest time possible.

Cira Rapid Development ProjectThe quality and delivery reputation of Cosmo-Logique were the main reasons why CIRA contacted Cosmo-Logique to join a strategic team of six consultants to take on the challenge of delivering a system in nine months. CIRA knew we could deliver quality, on time and on budget.

It is no easy task to create a scalable secure online registration system for domain registrants in nine months, but we delivered! Nine months after the project began, the system was fully functional and registrars were able to connect to the .CA registry and make their first transactions.

Working with experienced collaborators was the key to success. Cosmo-Logique worked collaboratively with different third-party consultants and suppliers in-order to deliver the best solution possible. This project required:

  • database experience
  • transactional processing
  • security knowledge

CIRA Cosmo Project

Read the complete CIRA history here.

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