Optimizing the manufacturing process

As a world-class manufacturer of collapsible aluminum and laminate tubes, ink markers, aluminum aerosols, Montebello Packaging was struggling to improve their manufacturing process.Montebello Tube Manufacturing Project

Providing reliable IT solutions that last.

The growth of the business and addition of multiple manufacturing locations left the in-house IT system (Unisys, Access applications) unable to handle day to day business and still required a great deal of human manual paper processing. Subject to costly errors and poor manufacturing productivity, a better solution was required to optimize the entire order to manufacturing process. Reluctant to acquire brand new off-shelve solutions provided by branded ERP companies, they wanted to make the right choice.

Cosmo-Logique was  hired as an external independent IT expert to provide  a more cost effective and long term solution in terms. Cosmo-Logique delivered:

  1. A user friendly sales quotes system: Facilitating the sales process to provide same day competitive quotes to clients resulting in more won business for the company.
  2. An optimized product price list management system: Allowing the management numerous price changes and the automation of pricing adjustments, virtually cutting the workload in half.
  3. An optimized laminated tube production process selector: To return t  he most cost effective manufacturing process thereby reducing production costs.
  4. An optimized manufacturing planning system: To optimize the pre-production operations for different manufacturing locations with reliable production information.

What the client said…


“Andre was first hired in 2005 to provide a solution for our quotation system. Over the years, his expertise as a business solutions architect lead to increased information reliability and increased profitability as the result of the successful design and implementation of numerous manufacturing systems.”

Betty Pilon
Montebello Packaging


“Cosmo-Logique has been involved in several key, complex projects over several years.  Andre and his team provide a complete solution in a highly, professional manner.

They have excellent project analysis  which comes from listening to the customer and understanding the customer’s requirements.

From inception, planning through development to implementation and documentation and after-sales support, they provide a complete, custom-tailored, maintenance-free product with the goal of complete customer satisfaction.

They are still my first choice for development of any .NET projects.”

Doug Palmer, IT Manager
Montebello Packaging


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