Are you struggling to properly define your technology project for your business objectives?

Cosmo Logique Technology Analysis

We don’t limit ourselves to the scope of the problem. We look at your entire business processes to find an IT solution that performs and provides a real solution. All too often, the real problem is obscure and involves asking the right questions.

We Listen…

Much more important to us than reviewing your documentation is to talk with your people, observe how they work and examine the tools they are using. We listen to everyone at all levels in the business process, taking all perspectives into consideration. We are experts in facilitating problem definition by assisting your staff to fully assess the process and express all challenges.

On-site actual business processes and infrastructure assessment.

We analyse all the information gathered and then start by defining the best possible solution regardless of budget or technical constrains. Then, we gradually add constrains to obtain a set of realistic solutions based on budget and timeframe. Finally, we select a final set of solutions that provides the best long term return on your investment.

We believe in providing a solution, which is not only scalable but also:

  • provides a detailed process description;
  • resource requirements;
  • and a full project plan, describing a timeline and costs for the development and implementation.

By only proposing IT Performance Solutions, we allow our customer to be more competitive by making their business processes more efficient.

What is the ideal solution, that respects delivery time frame and allocated budgets? Read about our Design It Solutions Process, here.

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