Is application risk-free deployment possible?

Cosmo Logique Technology Development

The impact of a failed project can be detrimental, decreasing a company’s revenue or affecting customer relations.
In any development project, deployment is the important milestone of the project plan that is usually associated with the final project success and return on investment. Through the course of deployment and implementation, any number of problems can arise to derail efforts to reach important milestones which impacts productivity and operations. At Cosmo-Logique we establish a complete Risk-Free Implementation & deployment Strategy and plan which covers:

  • Deployment process and strategy that minimizes decreases in Enterprise productivity.
  • User Training and transition planning, to maximize user experience and usability.
  • Rollback emergency plan, even the best plan project must carry an emergency plan.
  • Post launch support & maintenance, this brings the comfort zone to the users and organization.
  • Help documentation and online help tool, written documentation is provided to the organization for future in-house development and reference.

Application user and organization collaboration

The ultimate gauge of success for any application is its value to end-users. Consequently, an effective deployment processes looks beyond the mechanical aspects and targets user engagement through end-user training and support. Support services are vital to application success by efficiently responding to and resolving user problems. To ease the flow of problems, a support problem database can be hooked into the application defect tracking system.

Planning for software deployment

Finally, collaboration with a qualified software deployment consultant can also be an essential best practice in enterprise organizations. Cosmo-Logique is available to help your organization master the deployment of your application solutions successfully. We are experts in developing complex business application or add-ons to existing applications that users will really use. We deploy them successfully, on time and on budget.

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